Britain in 2020: A horror story.

By the end of the decade some of the most vulnerable groups in society will be up to £4,000 a year worse off, 200,000 more children will be in poverty, and inequality will have risen faster than at any point since the late 80s. After 10 years of Tory-led government real wages will still be below their level in 2007-8. Having gambled on an EU referendum to keep the Conservative Party together, Britain will most-likely have crashed out of the EU, resulting in trade barriers between the UK and a market that accounts  for 44% of all UK exports. The NHS will be in crisis after a decade of under-funding and class sizes in UK schools will have returned to levels not seen since the the 1990s.

With Labour still languishing under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, the Tories will have an easy election campaign, resulting in an increased majority. With the SNP still in power in Scotland, and with a renewed mandate north of the border, the calls for a fresh independence referendum will be deafening. Meanwhile, in the Labour Party, the in-fighting over what to do next will threaten to split the party in two, but the shock of the election defeat will force party members to ask some difficult questions about how to win power. Despite the parlous state of Britain, Labour will still have a mountain to climb, and the most likely scenario is another decade in the wilderness for Labour and a nightmare that doesn’t end until 2030.


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